The InspireVision Team

With its mix of youth and experience, the C Point team is the force behind the innovative projects such as Animator Professional, the stop-motion animation engine, Antechinus C# Editor, the world’s first-ever visual integrated environment for C# programing (published 2 years before Microsoft Visual Studio came to life), Platypus Multimedia Author, for the point-and-click design of apps that you build and modify while they are live and running… and now our by far the biggest project to-date: InspireVision, world’s best for online magazines and presentations.

Dr. Alex Davidovic
Founder & CEO

Specialist for Visual User Interfaces, who brings his vision and deep expertise. Buffy (pictured) was the inspiration for Dr Alex’s book "Underdog Marketing".

Jason Elliott
Software Architect

Highly experienced programmer with the passion for cutting-edge technologies – for any new vision, Jason can write the code to bring it to life.

Diana Davidovic

Psychologist with Masters in Marketing from the age of 21, and the fountain of new ideas.

Vlad Krpan
Lead Web Designer

World-class web designer and developer with the eye for detail. When he is ‘in the zone’, Vlad works for 14 hours without stopping.

Steve Walsh
Project Manager

Master organizer, who gives our wild ideas a dose of reality, and ensures that everything gets done on time.

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