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‘Play + Enjoy’ Personal Plan

  • Create presentations
  • Design multimedia web apps
  • Private and public publishing

Try it for 2 months for just $5, and after that only $3.92 per month ($47 billed annually). Payments are handled by PayPal and you can cancel at any time.

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White Label Business Plans – Get Your Own Website

You get your own InspireVision-powered website, using WordPress as the back-end. Our team will install and configure your website on our ultra-fast dedicated server, ready for you to take over. 12 months of free web hosting, upgrades and support are included.

You are in full control, and you keep all of your options open. At any time you can:

  • Install the website using some other web-hosting provider
  • Move it from hosting on our dedicated server to hosting it elsewhere, or
  • Install it in a folder of your existing website to complement it.


InspireVision for Education

All educational plans give you the ‘Enterprise’ level access, and the ability to sign-up hundreds of students to create presentations, online magazines and multimedia apps.

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  • Up to 500 students
  • Space for uploading: 5GB
  • Bandwidth: unlimited
  • Cost: $1,000 per year


  • Up to 1,000 students
  • Space for uploading: 5GB
  • Bandwidth: unlimited
  • Cost: $1,500 per year


  • Over 1,000 students
  • Space for uploading: 10GB
  • Bandwidth: unlimited
  • Cost: $2,000 per year

Extra Disk Space